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Founded in September 1979, Hangzhou Art Vocational Public School started the trend of secondary vocational education in Hangzhou city, and even in Zhejiang Province. The school now plays an important and active role in the art field as a member of the Art Branch Association of Chinese Vocational Education and Research and acts as the Vice Director in Zhejiang Art & Animation League of Secondary Vocational Schools.   

    Our beautiful campus is located at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain which lies on the site of an ancient imperial palace built by the Southern Song Dynasty. The school grounds are surrounded by a lush and verdant landscape. An ancient camphor tree, a symbol of the school’s commitment to education, stands proudly in the center of the campus. This local landmark serves as a constant reminder to students and faculty alike of the patient development that Hangzhou Vocational Art School has undergone over the last 35 years.

    There are currently 807 students attending HVSA whose ages range from 16 to 18 years of age. There are 23 classes who receive instruction from over 100 staff members. Such a low student-teacher ratio allows for an intimate, thorough classroom environment. Mr. Zhou Hongmi, our beloved principal at HAVS, leads the school in its mission to “educate Chinese students using both traditional and modern methods in an effort to foster within them the desire to achieve physical, mental, and creative aptitude.” The entire faculty at HAVS attaches great importance to the full development of our students. In the secondary vocational education of Hangzhou, our school enjoys a leading position in the number of students majoring in art, the diversity of courses offered, and the public recognition of our academic professionals. Over the years, our teachers and students have received a multitude of awards and prizes in local, regional, and national art competitions.